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Presentation Zen

PresentationZen_CoverPresentation Zen

by Garr Reynolds


Beyond the typical book about getting better at presenting or becoming a more effective speaker, Presentation Zen offers its own answers to a couple of key questions:

  • Why design matters?
  • What the hell is a good design?

As a technical guy I’ve always been focus on searching functional solutions for problems but I’ve overlooked the design aspects of those solutions nonetheless. Since I finished this book I’ve started to look at these things from a different perspective, not just technical but visual. Presentation Zen’s honestly one of the most remarkable books I’ve read in recent times. It’s become my personal starting point to the Design world providing the necessary guidelines and resources I needed.

Plain, clear, brilliantly designed… I could write longer about Presentation Zen but it would go against the principles it teaches 😉 So let me leave you with some visual stuff about it…