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Android Clipboard: Copy&Paste

I know it’s pretty straightforward but I haven’t found any example out there of using the clipboard from Android Applications. So for beginners like me, here is an example of how to copy and paste some text using ClipboardManager object.

This is the Copy button code:

// Copy EditCopy text to the ClipBoard
private void copyToClipBoard()
ClipboardManager ClipMan = (ClipboardManager) getSystemService(Context.CLIPBOARD_SERVICE);

and the Paste button source:

// Paste ClipBoard Text to EditPaste
private void pasteFromClipBoard()
ClipboardManager ClipMan = (ClipboardManager) getSystemService(Context.CLIPBOARD_SERVICE);

Simple, right? 😉 By the way, editPaste and editCopy are both EditText class objects. In case you need it, the whole project can be downloaded from my GitHub repository.



Android Course: Week 1 – Homework

People from O’Reilly and CreativeTechs are doing a great work.  Now, they have created a Forum where students of Android Course can post their stuff. Furthermore, a tiny application’s been assigned as homework so we can practice our Android programming skills. So here’s mine:

You can check out the source code and download de APK visiting my GitHub repository. Feedback will be appreciated 🙂


Exploring Android

A couple of weeks arguing with Vodafone and I’ve finally had my new Android phone for few €. Even though I’m used to Windows Mobile OS; Android has made a good impression on me.  After reading the documentation and developing some examples, I’ve found Android’s Arquitecture pretty straighforward and plenty of possibilities from a security perspective.

Since I wanted more, I signed up for this O’Reilly Training Course. For the time being I’ve attended (online) the first day (consists of five) and it’s being pretty useful. So if you’re interested, you’re still on time to sign up here for the remaining sessions. It’s free.

By the way, this is my new phone …

…until I get one of these.