My name is Víctor Caveda and I love everything about technology. I dedicate my life to create software …. and I really love doing it.

I hold a Master’s degree in Computing Sciencie from University of Oviedo in 2003 (dissertation stillpending). While I was studying I worked for Zitron S.A., a civil engineering company located in Gijón. It was around two years working as Visual Basic developer  (great memories!).

Currently, I’m working as Software Architect at Panda Security. I joined Panda in June of 2003 and, for the first 5 years, I was mainly working as C/C++ developer on networking projects (including mail protection and a desktop firewall from the scratch).  More than nine years in an antivirus company have given me a strong background in computer security, particularly in network security. Actually, I hold a GAWN (Wireless Networks Auditor) certification by SANS Institute.  Right now I’m part of the development team of Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Besides that, in my spare time, I worked  for a while on the .NET universe (hold a MCP). But a couple of years ago I dove headfirst into the Android world. Actually I’ve co-founded Quoders Mobile, an independent development studio specialized in mobile technologies. Check out our apps and let me know what you think.

You can also find me at LinkedIn.


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