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PTC Driving Course Weekend

Last weekend we made a getaway to Galicia in order to attend to a defensive driving course at PTC School which is located in A Pastoriza (approximately 40 kms from Lugo). This was something I always wanted to do but due to different reasons I’ve never could.

Third Driving Session

The course is really exciting mainly due to the quality of the trainers who have a high level of expertise (particularly Isaac Fernández). The course began at nine o’clock in the morning with a couple of hours full of well-explained theory. All kind of topics were discussed such as position of hands on the steering wheel, understeer, oversteer and so forth. At about eleven we began with practical sessions on an Alfa 147 with petrol engine. First session were focused on keeping the right hands position and following the accurate trajectory bend after bend. Afterwards, we started to drive quicker just to find out how the right hands position helps you when things get difficult. The two last sessions were about understeer and oversteer and I must say they were indeed the hardest and funniest at the same time. We learnt how to manage to keep the car on the track while trainer touches your hand-brake in the middle of a wet bend. Simply, revealing and impressive.

Leave you a brief video about practical sessions:

By and large, we enjoyed the course a lot. Just a single suggestion: I missed some stuff about emergency braking. Apart from that, I highly recommend it. I strongly believe things learnt in this kind of courses can be useful in many ways. It isn’t cheap, that’s true, but you never know when you might need to capitalize on it.

Cathedrals Beach

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid-back. We stayed in a quiet hotel next to Vilalba. On the way, we also took a walk on the nice Cathedrals Beach. To conclude, I should mention the outstanding “Arroz Caldoso” (rice with lobster) we enjoyed at A Cofradía located in Rinlo. In short, it was a superb weekend.