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Quoders and Archer Master

It’s been a long time since my last post and this time there’s a good reason for it 😉 I’ve been working hard to release the first version of Archer Master, an archery game for Android. Archer Master is free, so give it a try!

Moreover, I’ve co-founded a new development studio named Quoders.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of something great…



Dordogne and Cádiz

Holidays finished :-(. This year we’ve been travelling by car around the beautiful region of Dordogne (France). In our road-trip we met great friends and visited many small charming villages like Sarlat, Brantome, Perigueux… Take a look at the following Picasa gallery to check it out. You’ll want to go!


Previously (early September), we were visiting the South of Spain (this time we chose Cádiz region). Thanks to the good weather, we could confirm that the sunlight makes Cádiz different from anywhere else we’ve ever been. And we also realized that Almadraba tuna is one of the most delicious fish you can taste.


Now it’s time to back to work. Memories remain… 😉


InnovaEmprende: Conferencia de Axel Serena

El pasado martes 21 de Septiembre tuve el placer de asistir a una conferencia de Axel Serena organizada por NABUNBU Digital BusinessLan Ekinzta dentro del programa InnovaEmprende del País Vasco. Axel Serena tiene un impresionante currículum en el sector IT en España y la conferencia fue muy divertida y didáctica.

Básicamente se centró en explicar su faceta de Business Angel (concepto que para mí era un misterio hasta ese momento) y los criterios para seleccionar proyectos a financiar. Adicionalmente dió un repaso a los sectores online que más futuro les augura de aquí a 3-5 años: Juegos para Facebook, Redes Sociales de nicho, Clasificados, Clubs de Compra, etc.

Sin duda no será el último evento de este tipo al que asista, ya que la parte de negocio es algo que a la gente técnica siempre se nos resiste 🙂 De la conferencia me quedo con algunas  reflexiones que me llamaron la atención:

  • Las ideas no valen nada, lo que tiene valor es la ejecución de esas ideas.
  • Los Business Angels no financiamos sueños“.
  • ¿Quieres ser Rico o ser Rey?

Por cierto, para los que os queráis acercar por Bilbao, el 19 y 20 de octubre tiene lugar en el BEC el Emprende2010 cuyo programa está repleto de conferencias y charlas más que interesantes.


How to market your (mobile) app

Due to the fact that I’m currently engadged in an Android project, seemed to me worthwhile to take a look at how other people are making money out there. I’ve found quite useful this presentation that shows a real business case of a mobile application for IPhone.  So, no matter what your target market is, there’s always a lesson to learn when it comes to mobile app business.


My New Nexus

It’s been six weeks waiting for the Nexus One and finally it’s here.  The N1 runs smoothly and fast a Cyanogen ROM. Even though I’m using the same 3G connection (vodafone ES), now browsing the web is a delightful experience compared with HTC Magic. The battery lasts almost a couple of days with a normal use (email, web, rss, etc).

The parcel didn’t include any sort of manual except a couple of sheets with tips and tricks.

Here you can see more pictures.


It’s been six weeks waiting for the Nexus One and finally it’s here.  The phone runs smooth and fast even using the same 3G connection (vodafone ES), now browsing the web is a delightful experience compared with HTC Magic. The battery lasts almost a couple of days running a Cyanogen ROM.

The parcel didn’t include any manual except a couple of sheets explaining tips and tricks. Here you can see some pictures.

Developing Android Apps with Java Part 2

It’s been announced the second part of the course “Developing Android Apps with Java” by O’Reilly. It will start in May 18th and it’s going to consist of six sessions in which a Twitter client app for Android will be developed. Interested? You can register for free at the course home page.  No excuses to learn Android Programming 😉

I wrote a review of the first part of the course in this post.


Hello, Android

Hello, Android

By Ed Burnette

Regarding books, one of the things I appreciate the most is an honest relationship between title and contents. Unfortunately it’s quite common to find books out there promising things they don’t fullfill.

“Hello, Android” meets perfectly the commitment of its title. Don’t buy it expecting a reference manual of Android because it’ just an introduction to this platform, and I must admit that it does the work gracefully. It’s quick and brief so it tells you the essential and gives you resources for further research such as the sample projects that can be free downloaded from the book website.  A nice aspect to highlight is the hands-on approach, throughout the book concepts are illustrated with lots of code. Furthermore a Sudoku game is parcially developed during a couple of chapters.

So I basically recommend this book for beginners mainly for two reasons:

  1. Starts from the Scratch: Nothing is assumed so it’s a good point to start out as Android developer.
  2. Brevity: I don’t have time for an eight-hundred-pages book to start to develop. I’ll deal with the ins and outs as I go, not before.

Of course, like any book about Android, Java (or C++, C#, etc) basic understanding is recommended.


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