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Developing Android Apps with Java Part 2

It’s been announced the second part of the course “Developing Android Apps with Java” by O’Reilly. It will start in May 18th and it’s going to consist of six sessions in which a Twitter client app for Android will be developed. Interested? You can register for free at the course home page.  No excuses to learn Android Programming 😉

I wrote a review of the first part of the course in this post.



Developing Android Applications with Java: Review

The course “Developing Android Applications with Java” I was attending, has finished. It’s been six session (12 hours) of Android developing. One of the things I like was the hands-on approach of the trainning, actually 80% of sessions duration was developing time which helps me a lot with the environment Eclipse (I was used to Visual Studio).The level of this course was Beginner so the first sessions was basically dedicated to prepare the environment. After that, the next sessions (five) focused on explaining the foremost aspects of Android Programming while a Task Manager application was developed. The covered areas included:

  • Activities.
  • Basic Interface
  • Database (SQLite)
  • Location and Google Maps API.

You could take a look at the contents table in the course page. By the way, the course was given by Tony Hillerson. You can check out his profile here.

In a nutshell:


  • Completely free.
  • Hands-on approach. Most of the time developing the “Task Manager” sample project let the audience get down to the nitty-gritty.
  • Publishing the source code of each session in advance. It helps to focus on Tony’s lessons.
  • Really good organization. And it wasn’t easy: live audience in Seattle, instructor in Denver and a number of online attendees. Actually, it was possible to ask questions to Tony (thanks to Ruth and Beth).In short, O’Reilly and CreativeTechs did a great work.
  • A forum was set up for posting homework, technical questions and all that stuff.


  • A tiny thing. I missed one hour of the last session because the Daylight Saving Time in US starts two weeks before Europe. Course Organizers could have warned online attendees about it.

In Short:

I’d do it again so I recommend it. Five out of Five.

Update (03/20/2010)

Good news! I’ve received an email from O’Reilly with a couple of great announcements:

  1. It’s gonna be a second part of the course this Spring.
  2. They are giving free phones (Motorola DROID or Nexus One phone) to attendees who meet some conditions (take a look at the terms of the registration page for further information).

Update (03/23/2010)

Another email from O’Reilly telling that I’ll receive a free phone (hopefully a Nexus One) from Google for attending this Android Course. I just can say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😀


Exploring Android

A couple of weeks arguing with Vodafone and I’ve finally had my new Android phone for few €. Even though I’m used to Windows Mobile OS; Android has made a good impression on me.  After reading the documentation and developing some examples, I’ve found Android’s Arquitecture pretty straighforward and plenty of possibilities from a security perspective.

Since I wanted more, I signed up for this O’Reilly Training Course. For the time being I’ve attended (online) the first day (consists of five) and it’s being pretty useful. So if you’re interested, you’re still on time to sign up here for the remaining sessions. It’s free.

By the way, this is my new phone …

…until I get one of these.


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